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My name is Marc Elmeua and I help horse riders prevent and treat pain. My programs are also oriented to increasing performance through science-based exercises.

I studied Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Barcelona, obtained my Masters of Science in Strength and Conditioning Science from Northumbria University of Newcastle and I am a PhD candidate on Applied Kinesiology by the University of Primorska, in Slovenia. I am currently working in collaboration with the Olympic Eventing rider Albert Hermoso Farràs and the Spanish Classical School of Riding in Lipica, home of Lipizzaners, developing a science-based method for preventing lower back pain in elite dressage riders. 


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Hippofit is the optimal combination of field-based experience from working with a great range of horse riders, and a science-based method that focuses on preventing and treating pain as well as increasing performance through improved physical fitness.

If you want to organize educational events do not hesitate to contact now for a personalized program and budget.


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Based in Cerdanya, Northern Catalonia (Spain) I offer one on one coaching sessions on a weekly basis. We also organize training camps together with Hipica Prats (, a showjumping-oriented equestrian centre. Hippofit is the best way to keep you motivated on and off the horse if you are looking to improve your performance while following a healthy, pain-free life.


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